MLTR stuff MLTR stuff Mikkel's guitar Both look cool and beautiful! 141683966 "Make me feel" chords The handwritten chord sequence (by Mikkel Riber, bassist) for "Make Me Feel". 141683963 Plectras Yellow MLTR plectras used by Mikkel and Søren at the concert December 2nd 1998 in Silkeborg, (collected by Allan Jensen) 141683969 Acoustic guitar-session for the song "Make Me Fell". I - non-artist understand nothing about this complex session @_@ 141683964 Colours 6 x Platinum award for the sales of 300.000 in Thailand WOW! =)) 141683968 On Pepper 4 x platinum award for the sales of 100.000 in Malaysia 141683970 Blue Night gold award for the sales of 25.000 in Denmark. 141683967 Prize The 2004 CD-Award for the best selling international artist in China ever. 141683965 MLTR special watches sold in Singapore in 2009 Shiny and nice!!! :D 160146614 The poster from the singing contest "Sing With MLTR" held in Bangladesh 160146615 The playlist from a concert in Denmark (1/6/2012) 160146616 Mikkel's quick sketch for a magazine in Asia 160146617 MLTR banner on a bus 160146618 Tickets of the concert in Nepal 2011 160146619 Another sketch by Mikkel 163310005 Signed album 163310006